Consultancy Plus: Cyber Security Consultancy
From Cyber Partners

Upgrade Your Security With Our Expert Advice

At Cyber Partners, we specialise in tailored consultancy aimed at strengthening and rationalising your company’s security systems. Our approach always begins with an in-depth review of your current operations and procedures, and is driven by your needs and business goals. 

At the end of the assessment process, we give you a comprehensive report outlining a workable strategy for bridging the gap between where your security systems are now, and where you want them to be.

Because Cyber Partners is the specialist security division of Core DataCloud, our experts have the deep industry knowledge necessary to streamline and upgrade your defences. Experience has shown us that many companies’ security strategies evolve organically, creating vulnerabilities and inefficiencies which undermine their success. Our role as your trusted cyber security advisor is to eliminate these, keeping your business secure and running optimally.

Streamline Costs With Our Fully Managed Cyber Security Service

Our services extend far beyond planning. Once we have formulated your new defence strategy, our security consultants will work closely with you to ensure that the people, technologies and processes are in place to make it work. We offer the extra reassurance of guaranteed regulatory compliance.

Along with consultancy, Cyber Partners offers an exhaustive suite of services, tools and techniques to add value to your security strategy. For example, you can gain data-driven insights into your security status with our SIEM and streamline your cyber security budget with our SOC.

Fast Facts About Consultancy Plus From Cyber Partners 

  • We offer security audits, maturity and risk analysis checks, including penetration testing and red team assessment. 
  • Our experts design and implement security architectures, provide high-grade automated digital forensics, and administer cyber health checks.
  • You gain a streamlined security budget and upgraded IT defences.

If you’d like to find out how our consultancy can benefit your business, contact us or call us on 0203 633 7271.