Pen Testing

Penetration Testing
Stay ahead of hackers and secure your business with regular penetration tests

Are you doing enough to protect your business from cyber attacks?

You probably don’t know for sure unless you commission regular penetration tests. While most businesses are aware of the importance of protecting their assets from ever-evolving cyber security threats, they don’t always know how to test out their security defences.

Penetration testing is an essential component of your regular security audit programme. Whatever the size of your company, if you’re using IT for business, your systems are a target for hackers.

Specific benefits of regular penetration testing include:

  • Identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them
  • Provide assurance of security controls
  • Gain increased awareness of cyber security risks & threats
  • Show proof of commitment to security
  • Help identify priorities for future investment

How vulnerable are your most critical assets?

Each penetration test from Cyber Partners Ltd is a bespoke service delivered by our highly qualified team of security experts. After the test has been completed, we will provide you with:

  • A report detailing which weaknesses were found, and how they were found
  • An assessment of how these risks could impact your business
  • Recommended remedial actions
  • A follow-up telephone debrief

Penetration testing from Cyber Partners Ltd: keeps you ahead of cyber criminals

Penetration testing is a focused cyber security assessment designed to identify your company’s vulnerabilities and configuration issues. Penetration tests are carried out to assess specific areas such as networks, firewalls, wireless, web and mobile applications.

For maximum security, we recommend combining regular penetration testing with our Red Team assessment.

You’re in safe hands with us. Cyber Partners Ltd is a UK-based company, we work with award-winning and market-leading technologies and accredited partners.

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