Red Team

Red Team cyber security audit
Our Red Team assessment simulates cyber attacks to test your organisation’s security defences

How prepared is your business to defend itself against an expert hacker?

How resilient are your organisation’s staff, processes and technology to cyber crime? Which level of access might a hacker achieve, and what information can they reach? What kind of damage could a cyber attack do to your operations and reputation?

These are the questions Red Team assessment from Cyber Partners Ltd aims to answer. 

Our comprehensive security audit uses a wide range of methods in an attempt to compromise your company’s security. Using pre-defined objectives and rules of engagement, our assessment is carried out with no disruption to your business activities.

  • Extensive intelligence gathering
  • End-to-end security assessment challenges your defences
  • Identify and exploit human, software, hardware or physical weaknesses
  • Multi-layered methods of attack

Identify weaknesses, set remedial priorities

Each Red Team assessment from Cyber Partners Ltd is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, and is carried out by our team of highly skilled security staff. Our detailed end-of-assessment report details:

  • Full analysis of your business vulnerabilities
  • Breakdown of physical weaknesses
  • Insight into your vulnerability to social engineering techniques
  • Actionable intelligence so you can put right what we discover

Red Team testing from Cyber Partners Ltd: your best defence

Our Red Team assessment uses a wide range of methods including vulnerability scanning, social engineering, command and control and physical entry. For maximum security, we recommend combining our Red Team assessment with regular penetration testing.

You’re in good hands with Cyber Partners Ltd. We are a UK-based company that works with award-winning and market-leading technologies and accredited partners.

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