Security Information And Event Management (SIEM) Delivered By Cyber Partners

We Take A Holistic Overview Of Your Security Operations

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) from Cyber Partners is the central nervous system of your cyber protection strategy. Our SIEM makes your defences a force to be reckoned with by giving you a holistic overview of your security status.

Our set of tools combines software, intelligence gathering and security expertise into one powerful engine, which offers everything you need to detect and manage security events around the clock. Cyber Partners’ SIEM works in conjunction with our UK managed Security Operations Centre (SOC), and is backed by our tailor-made consultancy services.

Learn more about our Security Operations Centre here.

We Protect Your Most Sensitive Data And You Can Prove It

As the security division of Core DataCloud, Cyber Partners knows that protecting your company’s sensitive data is not enough: you must also be able to prove you’re protecting it.

Not only does our SIEM shield your business from cyber crime, it mines the digital fingerprints of all activities across your infrastructure, detecting problems with security, operations and regulatory compliance.

Fast Facts About Security Information And Event Management (SIEM) From Cyber Partners

  • Cyber Partners SIEM gives you a data-driven overview of your security status.
  • We combine data about network and traffic events from multiple sources, then use intelligent correlation rules to flag events which require action.
  • Our systems automatically carry out continual service improvement based on KPIs and other metrics set by you.
  • You avoid the stress of internal audit while knowing that your security procedures and operations are fully compliant.

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