Security Operations Centre (SOC) from Cyber Partners

We Offer Enhanced Detection Through Ongoing Monitoring And Analysis

The managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) from Cyber Partners is a key element of your information security strategy. Let us centralise and consolidate your company’s cyber protection, using our intelligent SIEM capabilities to prevent, detect and manage internal and external threats.

Our SOC takes a two-fold approach to security. We leverage a combination of dedicated next-generation technology and expert personnel to create an upward spiral of constantly improving incident management.

Learn more about our approach to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) here.

We Keep Ahead Of Cyber Threats: You Keep Doing Business

As the specialist cyber security division of Core DataCloud, we know that running an in-house SOC is a big commitment for even the most successful company. Keeping up with ongoing threat intelligence and ensuring technology remains fit for purpose is a resource-intensive activity. And yet no organisation can afford to leave its systems vulnerable to attack.

Our managed SOC centralises your company’s security functions and streamlines your security budget.

Fast Facts About Security Operations Centre (SOC) From Cyber Partners

  • Round-the-clock monitoring and response, because cyber criminals don’t keep office hours. 
  • Benefit from the extra reassurance of intelligence-driven enhanced threat protection.
  • Automation and machine learning create a virtuous cycle of ever-improving detection and management.
  • No more regulatory compliance headaches.

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